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Two symmetrical leaves with ridge detailing and four attached orbs shown beneath. In the center is a collection of circular fruit. 

Natural forms are found throughout English churches in the medieval period. These sometimes represent a specific plant with symbolic meaning or can be more abstracted. This may be a combination of grape vines and oak leaves. Grapes are a common motif due to their connection to the performance of Mass and the drinking of wine. This imagery is used to symbolically represent Christ's sacrifice as the drink resembles blood. Imagery of Oak trees have pagan roots and are often associated with mystic symbolism. It also has many biblical references, particularly in the Old Testament. 

This decoration originally appeared in devotional books and manuscripts before being imitated in church carvings. These often intricate and diverse designs are able to reflect the beauty of the natural world which surrounded them.

The ceiling here was repainted in 1865. 

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