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Head of rabbit and hen (?)
Location: Chancel (C) | ID: C-A2
Subjects: Animals, Birds
Golden eagle holding St John scroll
Location: Chancel (C) | ID: C-E5
Double headed eagle with collar
Location: Chancel (C) | ID: C-G1
Gold bird on branch
Location: Chancel (C) | ID: C-G2w
Subjects: Birds, Foliate
Pelican feeding young
Location: Chancel (C) | ID: C-I5
Lion eating bird
Location: Nave (N) | ID: N-A4e
Subjects: Birds, Animals
Golden eagle
Location: Nave (N) | ID: N-E3
Subjects: Birds
Golden eagle with St John scroll
Location: Nave (N) | ID: N-G2
Two birds in tree
Location: Nave (N) | ID: N-L2e
Subjects: Birds, Foliate
Gold bird eating fruit in tree
Location: Nave (N) | ID: N-N4
Subjects: Birds, Foliate
Fox holding caught bird
Location: Nave (N) | ID: N-O2e
Subjects: Birds, Animals
Four geese with two foxes
Location: Nave (N) | ID: N-O3w
Subjects: Birds, Animals
Human figure scaring birds, foliage
Location: Nave (N) | ID: N-O4w
Subjects: Birds, Foliate, People
Two golden birds eating fruit
Location: Nave (N) | ID: N-P3
Subjects: Birds, Foliate
Fox chasing a bird
Location: Nave (N) | ID: N-R2w
Subjects: Birds, Animals
Centaur with bird
Location: Nave (N) | ID: N-T1
Person with bird
Location: Nave (N) | ID: N-U1w
Subjects: Birds, People
Curled bird
Location: Nave (N) | ID: N-U4w
Subjects: Birds
Blue bird with foliage
Location: North Nave Aisle (NNA) | ID: NNA-B2
Subjects: Birds, Foliate
Golden bird
Location: North Nave Aisle (NNA) | ID: NNA-D1
Subjects: Birds