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Head of Jesus
Location: Chancel (C) | ID: C-D2
Pelican feeding young
Location: Chancel (C) | ID: C-I5
IHS monogram referring to Jesus
Location: Nave (N) | ID: N-H1
Man and woman with serpent
Red heart with severed hands and feet on shield, foliage
Location: Nave (N) | ID: N-O2w
Winged heart with sword (Arms of the Virgin)
Location: Nave (N) | ID: N-P1
Man and Demon
Location: Nave (N) | ID: N-T2
Golden ox with wings
Location: South Nave Aisle (SNA) | ID: SNA-A2
Angel holding St Matthew scroll
Golden winged lion with St Mark scroll
Pelican feeding young
Location: Vestry (V) | ID: V-B4
Golden winged lion with St Mark scroll
Angel holding cloth with image of Christ
Location: Vestry (V) | ID: V-E4
Symbols of the Crucifixion
Location: Vestry (V) | ID: V-E5
Gold winged bull with St Luke scroll
Golden eagle with St John scroll
Location: Vestry (V) | ID: V-F5
Naked man fighting winged demon
Location: Vestry (V) | ID: V-H2
Golden Eagle with scroll
Location: Crossing (X) | ID: X-D4