Grotesque figure with jug and bowl, serpent at feet

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A winged creature with holding a jug and bowl. Another creature is shown beneath with two short legs and a long curled tail. 

This carving could be a representation of gluttony and drunkenness, both of which were considered sinful in medieval Christian teachings. The figure is depicted with exaggerated features and unusual traits which could indicate this perceived negative behaviour. Similarly, the serpent-like creature at its feet generally suggests an association with the devil or demons. This boss is most likely intended to worn the congregation against transgressions. 

This area of nave has a particular concentration of bosses representing sin. This would have also been the part of the church where the pulpit and rood, a large cross or crucifix, would have been located. The bosses could therefore be a reflection of the sermons focused on the Last Judgement.

The ceiling in the nave was repainted in 1865. 


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